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Item # Description Price


Black hooded sweatshirt with Tackle Twill
S-XL, (plus sizes extra)
-Add number to back
-Add TT number to back

$36.00 - S-XL


Performance sweatshirt
Tackle twill front

$46.00 - S-XL
$50.00 - 2XL
$52.00 - 3XL
$56.00 - 4XL
ST271 Lace front sweatshirt with TT $44.00
DT264 Orange and white jersey junior fit $18.00
DM476 Black and grey jersey $18.00
DM476 Black and grey jersey women fit $18.00
PC54V Womens black vneck tee $14.00
PC61 Mens tee with front logo $12.00
ST350 Men performance tee with tail $14.00
JST62 Windshirt black and orange
with logo embroidery lc
ST860 Mens and ladies 1/4 zip
Avail March LC embroidered logo
HAT Pom pom hat with small hot shot $13.00
HAT2 Pom pom hat black and grey $13.00
GLOVES Orange knit small, medium or large $5.00
SCARF Orange/black knit scarff small logo $13.00
BACK Black backpack with logo $20.00
BAG Small bag with logo $14.00


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